Four Great Places To Stop By And Grab A Bite To Eat While Vacationing In Jacksonville

JAX is ‘where Florida begins’ so you might want to start with this city if you’ve never been to Florida before. Even if you have, Jacksonville is always going to show you more to do. You can’t run out of restaurants to visit either. If you want to get a good look at what there is to eat in Jacksonville FL before you arrive, get a load of these four top-notch restaurants.

Moon River Pizza is a great restaurant, and why not start of with pizza anyway? It is always a win, don’t you think? It doesn’t get any better than Moon River Pizza on Edgewood Avenue South. Do you like white pizza? Do you like calzones? Do you like Greek salads? One thing the reviewers mention that you might want to know is that Tuesday is $1 beer day at Moon River Pizza.

The Blue Fish is on Saint Johns Avenue, and it is definitely a favorite. If you want fresh fish, The Blue Fish is your spot. If you are looking for a great brunch spot, Blue Fish is it. This establishment is also about fresh seafood in general, and reviewers talk about the oysters, shrimp and lump crab.

Southern Charm is on Saint Augustine Road, and you are talking about ribs, crab cakes, cinnamon buns, fried green tomatoes, blackened shrimp and all kinds of good eats. People talk about a lunch buffet, at least on Friday, so maybe you might want to stop by there going into the weekend. Southern Charm is considered to be a Jacksonville gem, and smoked pork is another popular menu item.

Blue Bamboo is also popular, and what a name. Blue Bamboo is on Southside Boulevard, and you can order up sweet and sour chicken, dim sum, crab rangoon, lettuce wraps and so much more. Throw in some tasty spring rolls, and you have a delicious lunch or dinner. The shrimp and grits and the appetizer sampler are two other favorites.

It is hard to pick a favorite though when it comes to the four restaurants mentioned. I mentioned maybe start with the pizza place, but they all sound good. Which one would be your pick to visit first? I still would say I would start with pizza. all four are great picks though, and the barbecue restaurant really made an impression on me, too. Oh, and Southern Charm just sounds like a great place in general.