4 Safety Tips For Your Storage Unit Jacksonville FL

There are many reasons that people use storage unit Jacksonville FL. Some may be moving and need temporary storage until the relocation is complete, or they may simply want to improve the amount of space in their homes. One thing that everyone can agree on, however, is that it’s important to ensure that your possessions are in complete safety while being inside of the storage facility. When looking for the right storage facility for your needs, make sure you consider climate controlled environments as well as safety and security before signing the contract.

Here are some of the most common ways that you can ensure the safety of your belongings while they’re in storage:

*Before you settle with a storage unit Jacksonville FL, make sure that the facility has layers of protection. Protection usually starts with having a strong fence or gate surrounding the property that can keep out the people who aren’t customers and are just loitering around the premises. Electronic key codes can also help during exit and ensure that you’re the only one leaving (or entering). Another additional safety measure that many storage units choose to include are video surveillance cameras. Knowing ahead of schedule that the grounds are completely protected by video surveillance as well as an employee who checks the facility throughout the day can be helpful.

*When renting a storage unit indoors, it’s important to make sure that all of the units are properly sealed and secured in order to prevent potential damage from the elements. If you can include a climate controlled unit in your plan, you have fewer risks associated with weather patterns. Unfortunately, if you don’t choose a unit that’s properly sealed against the elements, you’ll notice that your belongings may start to split or crack, yellow, or even become prone to mold or mildew growth.

*Purchase a lock that you know for a fact is solid and you’re the only one who can access it. A lock is an obvious security factor that you need to consider when renting a storage unit, but it’s also important to know that the lock can’t be cut with a simple wire cutter or bolt cutter. This is always going to be your first line of defense against loitering individuals on the premises.

*Check to see if the company actually offers any form of insurance to cover the valuables you placed in storage. Even if it’s not extensive, renter’s or homeowner’s insurance may also be able to cover these items while they’re off-site. It’s important to have these in line in case your valuables are damaged or stolen in any way.

Storage units are popular all across America because they allow homeowners to free up much needed space without having to donate or sell off the items they love. However, when employing the use of a storage unit, it’s important to stay safe and make sure that you’re the only one who can enter the unit.